A mother and father lost their baby today. I know this because I saw the posts on the “Prayers for Shane” page on Facebook.

And now, I’m weeping silently.

I do not always weep at others’ loss, lest you think I’m coming apart at the seams.

But today, the pics of this precious baby, only hours old, hit me hard.Shane1

I don’t know why. I’m just glad I have the emotional capacity of a gallon jug instead of a thimble.

Entered this world at 2:25 a.m. Left this world at 6:15 a.m. the same day. Less than four hours on this crazy planet of ours. And was so eager to be here, he arrived three days before his due date—something the doctors asked of him and he complied.

You know what his parents focused on in their post? Not the injustice of only having four hours to meet and love the child you carried in your belly for months. No.

Instead: “. . . Shane spent his entire life in the arms of people that loved him unconditionally and I don’t think you could ask for a more beautiful life then [sic] that . . . “

Ok. Now are you weeping?

So, to the obnoxious BMW driver that I honked at today—you know who you are. I gave you a dirty look. I am sorry. Even though you probably are obnoxious. Life is too short to worry about why you cut me off. And bigger things, far bigger things, than my scheduled meetings are happening today. To far nicer people.

To Frank, the sweet, unfailingly honest garage door repairman that told me all I needed was a can of WD-40 to fix my garage door, thank you. You didn’t even charge me for the service call. It’s as if you know tuition and taxes are both coming due. I think people like you may have been one of the reasons little Shane was so eager to get here.

To my sister who is flying in today so my youngest has someone special here for Grandparents Day at school, sending you love over the moon and back. It’s love like yours that makes it worth getting out of bed in the morning. We are lucky to have you.

Shane2I don’t know Shane or his family. I only know of their story because a friend clicked “like” on a Facebook status.

But I do know that, from the looks of his page and the thoughts being posted, little Shane has touched more people in his four hours than most of us have in a lifetime.

Look how he has turned my attitude upside down.

I’m giving him a bit of a helping hand today. I can’t reach millions, Shane, but I can reach a few thousand, with your message.

Thanks, little angel, for being a light worker.  Godspeed.




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  1. That picture touched me too…I knew I’d cry if I read the whole post, and I did. What a wonderful way of looking at Shane’s short life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Deeply moving. Thank you for sharing little Shane with us.

  3. markbialczak says:

    Sad and touching teaching moment. Yes, Godspeed Shane, condolences to your sturdy and right-thinking parents, and thank you, Kay for sharing your humble lessons, too.

  4. Kate says:

    I have been following their story and I too am touched by the selflessness of these parents. They knew at 16 weeks of gestation he would not survive b/c of a congenital birth defect and they chose to carry on with the pregnancy anyway! Their journey shared on F/Book has been awesome to follow. and yes – what a reminder – the LITTLE ANNOYING things don’t amount to much of anything! and yet the LITTLE things that people do for us in Kindness DO amount to a whole lot that some will never know they touched our lives! Indeed – GODSPEED to you precious little Shane.

  5. I was crying as soon as I saw the picture. Thank you for the reminder to be present.

  6. beautiful. Little Shane has now touched my life too.

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