When God speaks, sometimes it’s your mother

My story is not quite Moses and the burning bush. Far less dramatic flair. No flames. No fate of an entire people at stake.

Closeup on legs of young woman in bathtubGod spoke to me in the bathtub.

At least, I think it was God.

It was either God or my mother. If you’d known my mother, you would know it’s kind of the same thing either way.

Before I tell you what He said, let me remind you of a few things.

I am not under a doctor’s care. Clean bill of health. Deemed mentally stable. I hold down a normal job, pay my bills and have no illusions that I am the next prophet. I have admitted to having a Cuckoo Mommy alter ego but other than that, you’ll find me quite sane on most days.

So there I was, easing myself into the bath. I was ready to sip my tea, read a book and escape for a few minutes. And the voice came loud and clear, “Leave him.”


And I knew immediately who the “him” was. There was no doubt. It was my husband at the time.

This voice was in my head and yet I heard it. Doesn’t make sense, I know. But it was the loudest, clearest message I’d ever received.

Really, God? Do you think now is the time? While I’m ensconced in bubbles and all?

All those years I prayed for some contact, some clear communication. Do I take this job or that one? Stay in the city or move to the suburbs? Trust this person or not?

Did I ask on your golfing days? Because each time I asked, silence.

So now, on a random weeknight as I ease myself into the bath—NOW you decide to be clear? And it’s not about public vs. private school or something equally as easy, comparatively—it’s about leaving behind an entire life and all the craziness that comes with doing that.

Hmph. I was a little miffed.

And then it hit me. My mother had been nagging Him. She was a force to be reckoned with when she set her mind to something, let me tell you.Grandma with megaphone

I’m not sure if God gives dead mothers special dispensations to use his megaphone often, but I am pretty positive Phyllis got one. It took her about 18 months from her death, but God finally gave in just to have a moment of peace, I am sure.

Sshh. Don’t tell the other dead mothers or none of us will be able to bathe in peace anymore. Celestial calling plans will spread like wildfire and never again will you be able to date a handsome deadbeat or ignore the laundry piles.

“Leave him” was prescriptive. It’s something my mother would say. I think God would be a little more chill about it, being God and all. He’d say something like, “I love you no matter what. But figure it out. That’s what you’re there for, dudette.”


I did not leave him. Not right away. I did file for divorce about six months from that bathtub shout-out. It was not because of the audible. Unfortunately, it was because of a lot of other shitty stuff that took me by surprise.

At the time I got this message, he had already mucked it up. A lot of it. And I was clueless.

Mom was not.

My mother always liked my ex. She took him in as her own son, given he had lost his mother as a child.

And I think when she passed on and saw what was going on, the black hole he was leading us all into, she was hopping mad. And not about to let my sons and I go down in flames.

In this blog, I’ve spoken of my mother’s harsher side but in all fairness, you need to know she loved all six of her daughters dearly. And our children ever so softly and fiercely, which is a hard mix to get right. As she aged, she was able to show more emotion, care more openly. One of the last things she said to me when I left her in hospice was a whispered, “Love you four” with a blown kiss. The fourth? You guessed it. My husband at the time.

For months, odd things had happened. He would walk in the door and our broken CD player, set to “off” position, would begin to blare music. There is more to tell but those of you who buy into this scenario being possible already have. And those of you who think I’m crazy already do. So, no need for more detail. Suffice it to say she was trying to get a message to me and I was dullard enough to be oblivious.

Until the bath. After that crystal clear, “Leave him”, I started to pay attention. And boy, was there plenty I should have been paying attention to, unfortunately.

So thanks, Mom. For having my back.

Funny, in life she tended to hold my feet to the fire but in perpetuity, she has been much kinder.

I’d love to continue but I need to get to my bubble bath. Mom might call tonight and I’d hate to miss it.

I think the celestial rates are cheaper after 10 p.m.



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  1. rionsmith says:

    Cute post. I don’t think you’re crazy- you’re probably just more tuned in than most- and the ‘normals’ of the world will tend to dub that ‘crazy’… but it’s all perspective- I’d rather be open and aware of what’s really going on. I believe a lot more now at 44 than I did when I was a kid, that’s for sure. Certain things you just can’t argue with, and once mom’s got your number, well, you might not be able to stop her from calling! 😉

    1. candidkay says:

      Hi there, Rion, and thanks for stopping by my blog. The fact that you are a Blue Man Group drummer is just icing on the cake:). I’m a fan! I am hoping the “normals”–as you call them–start having some of these experiences too! Sure would make it easier on us creative, tuned-in types:).

  2. Interesting. It is important to be in tune to that still small voice of God.

  3. Dani says:

    Amazing how those we love can be so Present, even from Beyond. I’m glad she was able to help you, in her way, from There.

    Blessings to you,

  4. Lily Lau says:

    You made me reflect so much with this post…! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. candidkay says:

      Glad it struck a chord! Thanks for stopping by:).

  5. I had such an experience. I call it an epiphany. I was visiting my mother. It was a stormy day with thunderous black clouds. I was in the midst of a dark period of my life having had a year of tumultuous negotiations and about to sign off on my marital agreement and get on with my life. As I was saying good-bye to my Mum I looked up at the sky. The black storm clouds suddenly parted to let the sun momentarily shine through. A voice said to me ‘don’t do it’. Twenty months of pain and trauma have resulted from hearing that voice, yet the voice was correct and advised me wisely. The first agreement would not have been right for me.
    You’ve got me thinking now. Perhaps it was my Dad up there, looking out for me.

  6. You have to be relaxed to hear those messages from beyond, I’m off to run a bath!

  7. Fantastic post. Who knows? Maybe it was your intuition guiding you. Maybe it was God. Maybe it was your Mom directly, no middle man needed. Funny how the quiet times are when these messages come in loudest.

  8. Love it 🙂 but ha ha, you know with your ending…I’m having a bath tonight and I’m waiting, and waiting, and…

    1. candidkay says:

      And? Dont leave us hanging:).

      1. no revelations sadly…
        I’m clean though

  9. And because it comes way outside our usual inputs of sound that is a constant in our lives…we really ‘know’ it wasn’t from there…which gives it so much more meaning. We just ‘know’ we have just touched something that does in fact have a great meaning to us. We have been shown the depth of who we are really within. Opens all sorts of thinking 🙂
    My ‘little’ experience was spirit waking me bolt upright at 3am (that is when the ego is asleep and we can learn to connect with spirit without our heads getting in the way), to tell me I was going to die at 60 yrs old. (If you are interested it is on my menu bar called (strangely enough :), ‘The Death’. And trust me, it is a very beautiful experience). It was something that I needed to see and feel with regard to my healing. I don’t think that is a usual occurrence for anyone but my fear of death was getting in the way so spirit took me on a little ride 🙂
    Maybe a little meditating or look at ‘The Dreaming’. It shows how to connect with your inner self and understand your journey. Makes life so much more happier when we release so many of those things that hold us back.
    Great story Kay, especially with the love that it was given. And yes it still was a big journey, but much love and wisdom has now been gained. Your in a much better place within and you now give from there. Hard yes, but in the long run a much more happier place. Namaste

    1. candidkay says:

      I will have to look into your experience story and The Dreaming, Mark. Thank you for your kind words of wisdom. You always come through that way. A blessing for me:).

  10. Whenever we are relaxed and in stillness, I think we will hear what we need to know. A great post and you are definitely not crazy! 🙂 Karen

    1. candidkay says:

      You are so right, Karen! Thank you for the reminder. There hasnt been a lot of “relaxed” over the past week. I need to squeeze that in!

  11. When that little voice starts speaking, you had better listen. I love that you call it your ‘mother’ and that it happened in the bathtub. I get ‘messages’ when I’m in nature. Perhaps it’s just that we’re finally clearing our heads and making room for the signals to come through.

  12. Blue290 says:

    I think we are at our most vulnerable in the bathroom. (ponder everything when we literally stip down…) Damn! I think that’s my next post. (thanks for the inspiration)

    1. candidkay says:

      Oh my. What have I started? 🙂 Can’t wait to read that one.

      1. Blue290 says:

        I kept it light and breezy for a change….

  13. A marvelous post, Kay.
    It was your mother.
    And God.

  14. Amy says:

    Wow, that’s an amazing story, and I don’t doubt it in the least! You received a clear message from one who loves you dearly. xoxo

  15. candidkay says:

    And yet the bathroom is such an odd room, out of all of them, to choose to dispense wisdom. Isn’t it, Sue? 🙂

  16. suemclaren24 says:

    Happens to me frequently. I love it. I welcome it. There’s nothing like a little “super-natural” commentary. I get some of my best ideas/intuitive hits in the shower. So you are not the only one. The important part is to pay attention.

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