Friends, Holistic Wayfarer has featured a post of mine this week. It’s deeply personal but I know I’m not alone in pivotal moments like the one I detail, which is why I share. Would love for you to hop on over to her blog and take a look. Be well . . .

A Holistic Journey

I was chopping vegetables for dinner, silent tears running down my face.

I had just gotten off the phone with my sister. It was cancer.

She was terrified and feeling alone, despite the love I tried to pour through the phone. All I could do was listen and witness her pain. Be a witness to her strength. To the woman she was before this label she was already chafing against: cancer patient. I had held it together for her but after hanging up, broke down. All that was left now were tears and the sound of the knife on the cutting board.

My husband came home. He walked in, set down his backpack, glanced at me and went about his business.

As I cried, he checked his voicemail. Got himself a drink. Went through the mail. When the tears did not stop after 20 minutes, he asked me what was…

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  1. This broke me up of what you were going through with the news of your sister, and to be delivered such a bombshell by your husband on the same night. How hard that must have been. How strong you have become.

    1. candidkay says:

      You know strong:). I know you do. Funny, I don’t think either of us asked for that. But in the end, it is a blessing.

      1. Correct. It is the silver lining.

  2. Kay, this is a very powerful piece. I read it yesterday and have thought of it many times since.

    1. candidkay says:

      Thanks, Karen. It was a hard one to put out there. I appreciate the kind words.

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