I can’t wait to host my naked sketch party . . .

. . . said no woman ever. Except one. That I know of.

I know this because of a short video featuring a delightful Ms. Allison Hatfield from Dallas.

She attended said naked sketch party, hosted by a female friend. You really must watch. It’s 10 minutes—which I was sure my ADHD-prone self could not get through—but it flies. And you’ll laugh most of the way through it.

Until you cry.

And the crying will be because, despite the rather outlandish premise of a naked sketch party, a group of women got brave enough (or maybe just drunk enough) to take a risk with their middle-aged bodies. And the payoff was a warm glow. A better appreciation of that body.

I think we all could use a bit of that on our “fat” days. On the days we feel we’ll never be as attractive as 20 years ago.

This year, I’m going to try to be more European about the whole body issue thing. Ever been on a European beach? Bodies of every type, bared in all sorts of ways. Beautiful in the diversity—and the unabashed acceptance.

I started with the right attitude last year—see here.

Here’s to my naked sketch party. Your invitation is in the mail.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gail DaVall says:

    That was great and very funny. I can see you hosting the naked sketch party. I would be there for the company, the wine and hopefully the epiphany.

  2. lmarieallen says:

    I love the line “..said no woman ever.” I’ll wait for my invitation, and I’ll bring the wine.

  3. Love this. Funny, brave, honest. Would I go along? I think I’m a bit like her…not sure, but possibly could be persuaded in the end! Something for discussion with my girlfriends!

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