When the thank you comes

Standing in snow up to my knees, watching my dog chase a snowball that disappeared long ago in the drifts, my wet socks clinging to my toes, I feel the “thank you” come from my heart.winter snow

It emanates from my heart and soul, radiating outward in ripples I can almost see. I feel it lightly sit about my shoulders and then ride the wind. I hope it is delivered to someone who needs a touch of gratitude in the moment.

Just minutes ago, I was cursing at my stalled snowblower. At the laundry and dishes that awaited me inside. At the article deadline looming.

And then I felt this bubble welling up, before it rode the wind to visit some other lucky soul.

I guess the woo-woo gratitude practice I’ve been doing over the past month is working.

Go figure.

I have focused, over the past few weeks, on what I am grateful for. Some days, that is easier than others. But always, I have a list.

Suddenly, instead of the stalled snowblower and the work that awaited me, I saw a gorgeous winter storm. A black Lab that was buried in snow, wriggling like it was Christmas morning and she was getting the belly scratch of her life. I heard the peaceful silence of a howling wind, felt the snow on my face and thanked God for the whole scene.

I threw a few more snowballs for Bailey to catch. I closed my eyes and listened to that wind. I tromped inside to have a snack and light the fire.

It was the same day. Same scene. Same me.

Different vibration. Different focus.

Who knows if it was my gratitude practice kicking in or a gift from Heaven?

All I know is that when the thank you comes, I allow it in. Revel in it.

And release it back to the universe.



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  1. Dani says:

    So lovely. I needed to read this today.

    Blessings to you.
    And snow angels in your heart.

    With thanksgiving,

  2. And that’s how it works. Like magic.

  3. markbialczak says:

    Deep breath, quantum shift. Fantastic, Kay. Wow moment. Now about all this snow …

  4. I think it’s working…

  5. I’m grateful for your gratitude Kay, I loved sitting here in front of the fire with my own dog snuggled in his blanket, sharing that moment with you.

  6. cindy says:

    I can picture this, Krisse! And even feel the breeze and bitter cold as I read your blog.
    BUT- I’m soooo glad I’m in California and not Illinois! ; )

  7. Beautiful Kay. THAT is being in the now…and releasing all else 🙂

  8. I agree that Gratitude changes our life. It can shift our mood and our thoughts. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful bubble with usI feeling you have of receiving this is per

    1. Ha sent my message before I finished! Oops.

  9. This is beautiful. I love that we are able, with practice, to allow gratitude to wash over us. I am glad that it decided to touch you on this day, and that the wind will carry it on to the next open-hearted recipient.

  10. Amy says:

    “Who knows if it was my gratitude practice kicking in or a gift from Heaven?”

    It was both, my friend.

    You know very well how happy this post has made me. In fact, you’ve just made my day.

    I am grateful for you. xox

    Blessings and love~

    1. candidkay says:

      Funny, Amy, I thought of you when I posted it:). Seems like one you might write . . .
      I am grateful for you beyond belief!

  11. Dale says:

    Yes! I too have a gratitude practice and it has changed my perception on pretty much everything. Writing my daily list or blogging my weekly list are all fine and dandy but what you did out there in the snow; there is where you truly feel it.

    Enjoy the wonderful vibrations!

  12. Susy Hisch says:

    Beautiful….and really needed today. Now…If only we could get a freakin’ snowstorm in Cincy! I want a snowstorm to be thankful for. Send me some snow Sister Blenkhorn!

    1. candidkay says:

      You can have a bunch of my snow, Susy! More than enough to go around . . .

  13. I love this. And feel the same way: sometimes the gratitude just floods in. Remaining open to it is the key. xox

    1. candidkay says:

      Maybe that gratitude bubble is headed your way, Lindsey:). I hope so!

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